where to buy birds near me

Where to Buy Birds Near Me: Local Pet Stores & Breeders

Did you know over 5 million U.S. homes have pet birds? Whether you want a new companion or are curious about bird pets, finding the right one is key. This guide shows you the best local spots to get a bird, from pet shops to trusted breeders.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the pros and cons of purchasing birds from local pet stores versus working with reputable breeders.
  • Discover alternative options, such as bird rescue organizations and specialty retailers, for acquiring your feathered friend.
  • Understand the importance of responsible bird ownership and the necessary steps to prepare your home for a new avian companion.
  • Stay informed about the legal requirements and regulations surrounding bird ownership in your area.
  • Utilize online resources and local bird shows to connect with experienced owners and find reliable suppliers.

Introduction: Finding the Perfect Feathered Friend

Adding a bird to your family is thrilling. But, it’s crucial to think it through. Make sure to do your homework on buying pet birds or choosing a bird. This helps pick the ideal feathered friend for your family.

There’s a huge variety of bird species. Each kind has its own traits and needs. African Grey Parrots, for example, live 40 to 60 years and can be as big as 13 inches. So do your research to match a bird with your life and what you can offer.

Species Life Span Size Diet
African Grey Parrot 40-60 years 13 inches Fruits, Nuts, Seeds
Macaw 30-50 years Up to 40 inches Fruits, Nuts, Seeds
Cockatoo 40-60 years 12-24 inches Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Insects

Think about what you can offer a bird. It’s a big commitment. Some birds will be with you for a very long time. Make sure you can provide what they need. This is key to a happy bird and a happy you.

“The best pet bird for you is the one that fits your lifestyle and personality. Take the time to research different species and consult with experts to find the perfect match.”

Being thoughtful in your bird choice is key. Consider the commitment. This ensures you’ll find a feathered friend that’ll make your home happier for many years.

The Importance of Responsible Bird Ownership

Owning a bird is not just fun; it’s a big responsibility. It requires time, money, and effort. You should know what your bird needs and make sure they have a safe, happy home.

Understanding the Commitment

Birds are smart and like to connect with people. They need mental challenges and a good place to live. You’ll spend a lot of time with your bird every day, making sure they are well.

Taking care of a bird can be expensive. You have to buy the right food, toys, and maybe even see a vet. It’s important to plan your budget and think about what your bird will need.

Providing Proper Care and Housing

  • Make sure the bird’s cage is big enough for it to move and fly inside.
  • Feed your bird a mix of quality pellets, fresh fruit, and veggies.
  • Keep them entertained with toys and fun activities.
  • Always make sure their living area is clean.
  • Don’t forget to take your bird to the vet for check-ups.

Taking care of a bird is good for you, too. It can reduce your stress and improve your health. Birds bring a lot of joy to our lives.

“Choosing the right bird species and providing a suitable environment is essential for the long-term happiness and health of your feathered friend.”

Being a responsible bird owner means your bird thrives. It’s a great way to have a wonderful pet and learn more about caring for another living being.

responsible bird ownership

Local Pet Stores: Pros and Cons

Trying to find a bird often leads folks to local pet shops. This choice has its good and bad sides. There’s ease of access but also worries about the birds’ health and happiness. So, it’s important to weigh these factors before making a choice.

Convenient Locations

Local pet stores are easy to find and visit. They’re often near where people live, which is handy. This means it’s easy for bird lovers to drop by, pick out a new friend, and head home. It’s a time-saving option for those with busy schedules.

Limited Selection and Potential Health Concerns

However, pet shops come with their own set of issues. They might not have a wide variety of birds. When looking for something unique or special, you might not find it there. Also, there’s a worry about the care and health of these birds. Research shows many parrots in the U.S. are not living in the best conditions. They often change homes due to health and behavior problems caused by bad care or breeding practices.

The writer argues that pet shops should do better by the birds. They suggest more checks by vets, strict selection of breeders, and improved living conditions while in the store. This way, birds that go on sale will be healthier, happier, and ready for a new family. It’s also crucial for shops to educate their customers on what keeping a parrot involves.

Not every pet shop takes good care of their birds. Some do an excellent job, while others don’t. It’s advised to visit a few shops and observe how the birds are doing. Looking at how they’re kept, how they act, and what’s provided for them can show a lot about the shop’s dedication.

So, buying a bird from a pet store needs careful thought. The convenience might be nice, but the health and care concerns can’t be ignored. For some, this pushes them to look for their new pet elsewhere. Considering breeders or rescue groups might be a better and more ethical path for those wanting to bring home a bird.

Reputable Breeders: A Safer Option

Choosing a healthy bird means picking a top-notch and skilled breeder. They take care of their birds well. They make sure birds are social, well-cared for, and ready for their new homes.

Avalon Aviary is one of those amazing breeders. They raise beautiful parrots for loving homes. Those wanting a bird complete a special talk with Avalon Aviary. This helps find the perfect match between bird and owner.

You’ll find various parrot types at Avalon Aviary: African Greys, Amazons, and more. They also sell top-tier bird foods, toys, and supplies. This helps make sure their birds stay happy and healthy.

On the other hand, dealing with breeders who ship birds can be more profitable. They can earn up to 10 times more. But, this shipping can be dangerous as airlines might not allow it when weather’s bad. This might put the bird’s health at risk.

Product Price Range
Caitec Oven Fresh Bites $16.99 – $26.99
Balsa Garden $16.99
Beaded Swing – Small $7.99
Big Bug $15.99
Bottom’s Up $16.99 (with 18% discount)
Groovin Swing $15.49
Hookbill Cuisine $8.29 – $121.99
Hookbill Cuisine – Small $4.99 – $24.49
Jingleberries $6.99
Rainbow Bridge $52.99
Sally on Leather $15.99
Seagrass Flying Trapeze $27.49
TOPs Mini Pellets $10.49 – $32.99
Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse $12.49 – $203.49

Choosing a breeder like Avalon Aviary offers peace of mind. You can be confident in your bird’s health and happiness. It’s a trusted way to find your perfect bird friend.

responsible bird breeders

where to buy birds near me

Finding the right place to buy birds near me is key. You can choose from local pet stores to dedicated breeders. Each choice affects your bird’s health and happiness. Explore these options to find the perfect bird for your home.

Local Pet Stores: Convenient but Proceed with Caution

Pet stores are easy for buying birds near me. They have many types of birds. But, not all pet stores take perfect care of their birds. Look closely at the living conditions and ask about their health history.

Reputable Breeders: A Safer and More Personalized Approach

Looking for local bird shops or breeders can ensure a good experience. Reputable breeders love their birds and know a lot about them. They help with care tips and finding the best bird for your home.

Bird Rescue Organizations: Providing a Second Chance

Rescues are also a great bird purchase location near you. They help birds in need find new homes. Choosing a rescue bird means you’re giving a bird a fresh start.

Wherever you buy birds near me, do your homework and focus on the bird’s well-being. The right bird will bring joy and fun into your home for many years.

“Birds are incredibly intelligent creatures that require specialized care and attention. Responsible ownership is essential to their health and happiness.”

When figuring out where to buy birds near me, remember this advice. With the right knowledge and care, you and your bird will start an amazing journey together.

Exploring Bird Rescue Organizations

Adopting from a trusted bird rescue adoption group is a heartwarming experience. They care for birds that have been hurt or need a new home. These places offer hope to birds that might have run out of chances.

Adoption Process

Adopting a bird from these groups means going through a few steps. You’ll fill out a form, have someone check your home, and make sure you can give the bird a good life. The goal is to match birds with families that can meet their needs.

If your application is successful, they help you pick the right bird. You might meet a few before you find your perfect match. This is to make sure both you and the bird will be happy together.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

When you adopt from a bird rescue, you’re helping in a big way. These places run on people’s support through donations and adoptions. Your choice to adopt means so much to these birds.

  • Your adoption fees help with the bird’s medical needs, food, and home.
  • Donating to these groups helps keep them going, saving more birds.
  • Volunteering is another great way to help, by spending time with the birds.

Adopting a bird changes your life and helps birds in need find happiness. It’s a win-win situation.

bird rescue adoption

“Adopting a bird from a rescue is life-changing. It’s more than a new pet; it’s a chance to make a real difference.”

Exotic Bird Retailers and Specialty Stores

Are you a fan of birds? Looking for a special place to shop? Exotic bird stores and avian supply shops can be a wonderful find. They offer a wide range of birds, cages, and accessories specially made for our flying friends.

Walking into an exotic bird store will fill your senses. You’ll see a rainbow of colors and meet interesting bird species. The staff are bird experts and can help with all your bird care needs. They can also assist in choosing the best bird for your lifestyle.

Shopping at an exotic bird store lets you discover many kinds of birds. You can find everything from bright parrots to rare, unique birds. These shops get their birds from trusted breeders. This means the birds are well and healthy.

  • Extensive selection of birds, feeders, cages, and other avian supplies
  • Knowledgeable staff to provide expert advice and guidance
  • Commitment to sourcing birds from responsible, ethical breeders

Aside from birds, avian supply stores sell all you need for your bird. They have top-notch food, toys, and even bird health supplies. This makes life easier for bird owners. No need to shop all over town for different bird items.

“Visiting an exotic bird store is like stepping into a vibrant, feathered paradise. The diversity of species and the knowledgeable staff make it a truly unique and rewarding experience for any bird lover.”

Exotic bird stores and specialty bird shops are not everywhere. But, they offer something special. They are run by bird lovers who know their stuff. Shopping at these stores can make your bird’s life better.

Attending Local Bird Shows and Expos

Are you a fan of birds? Then, local bird shows and expos are a must-visit. They’re fun and full of information. You get to meet breeders, rescue groups, and other bird lovers while seeing many birds.

One big plus of attending is meeting expert breeders and avian specialists. They share how to care for different birds. They also recommend the best birds based on your life and bird experience. And, you might find a new pet from trusted breeders.

Also, these events have tons of bird stuff for sale. Think food, toys, and cages. Plus, there’s lots to learn in workshops about bird care and training.

If you think adopting is better, these events help you find local rescue groups. They talk about the birds up for adoption and how you can help. By adopting from these bird rescue groups, you give a bird a better life and support a good cause.

No matter if you’re a bird pro or just dipping your toes in the bird world, these shows are great. You can discover birds at events, learn more, and maybe take a bird home.

“Attending a bird show or expo is like stepping into a vibrant avian community, where the love for these incredible creatures is palpable.”

bird shows

To get the most out of these events, do some homework and plan your visit. Shows are packed with sellers, displays, and fun activities. Having a plan helps you focus on what interests you most.

Online Resources for Bird Enthusiasts

The internet is a key tool for bird lovers. It offers connections to lively communities and helpful forums. These are where you find people who can guide you and help you get a bird from trusted sources.

Connecting with Experienced Owners

If you want to learn about birds, online groups and forums are great. They provide tips and advice from experienced bird owners. This can help you understand what your future pet needs and how to take care of it.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

Online, you can also meet bird breeders and stores. Bird forums and specialized websites have places where you can find trusted sellers. Always check their reputation before buying.

Benefits of Leveraging Online Resources Drawbacks to Consider
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge and support from experienced bird owners
  • Ability to connect with reputable breeders and suppliers
  • Opportunity to research and compare different bird species and their care requirements
  • Convenience of browsing and purchasing birds from the comfort of your home
  • Potential for misinformation or biased advice on online forums
  • Difficulty in verifying the legitimacy and ethical practices of some online sellers
  • Inability to physically inspect the bird or its living conditions before purchase
  • Potential shipping-related risks and complications for live bird deliveries

Using online sources wisely, bird lovers can find lots of information. They can also meet good sellers. It’s crucial to check and choose carefully to ensure the bird’s well-being.

Considerations for Specific Bird Species

Choosing the right bird companion means looking at each species’ special needs. Birds vary in what they need for housing, food, and interaction with humans. Knowing these needs helps you find the best bird for your lifestyle, creating a happy home for your pet.

For small birds like Parrotlets and Canaries, use cages with narrow bar spacing to prevent escapes. Medium birds need more room, and large birds even more space. Make sure your bird’s cage is big enough for them to move around comfortably.

Perches are also important for birds. Small birds need at least 4 inches of perch space. Medium birds need 12 inches, and big birds need 24 inches. Keeping your bird’s home clean is crucial for their health. Clean their cage daily and disinfect it every month to keep your bird happy and healthy.

Remembering and following these guidelines ensures your bird gets the best care possible. This approach gives your feathered friend a great life in your home.

bird species requirements

Preparing Your Home for a New Bird

Getting a new bird is fun and rewarding, but it needs planning. You must make sure your home is safe and welcoming for your new friend. This starts with the right space and necessary bird items. We’ll help you with what you need for a happy bird space.

Creating a Safe Environment

The most crucial step is making your home safe for your bird. This means checking for any gaps or small spaces they could get stuck in. Also, remove threats like ceiling fans and keep them away from open windows and poison plants.

Next, a roomy, well-ventilated cage is key. Place it where there’s less movement, noise, and no direct sun. Add perches, toys, and hiding places for fun and mental health.

Gathering Essential Supplies

Having the right supplies is vital for your pet bird’s health. Start by getting the best food. This means fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of clean water.

  • Sturdy, well-ventilated cage
  • Perches of varying sizes and textures
  • Engaging toys and foraging opportunities
  • Calcium and mineral supplements
  • Cage liners and cleaning supplies
  • Grooming tools (such as nail clippers and feather trimmers)

Keeping a bird-friendly home takes work. Be ready to change things as your bird’s needs change. This is how you keep them happy and healthy.

“The key to a happy, healthy bird is providing a safe, enriching environment that caters to their unique needs and natural behaviors.”

Legal Requirements and Regulations

It’s important to know the legal requirements for owning a bird. Rules can vary by the kind of bird and where you live. You might need to follow specific laws.

In the U.S., the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) looks after bird sellers, breeders, and show people. It has some updated rules. These rules are enforced by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

If you have a USDA license, you have until August 21, 2023, to meet the new rules. If you’re not licensed, you have until February 21, 2024.

The AWA covers dealers and breeders in the pet bird world. But, there are a few exceptions. You’re not checked if you don’t sell birds for money or use them for shows. Also, shops that don’t send birds, farm birds for food or goods, and certain cases of moving wild birds are not included.

Regulation Description
De minimis exceptions Cater to entities selling a limited number of pet birds weighing under 250 grams and those selling fewer pet birds over 250 grams annually.
Housing facilities The new regulations focus on ensuring proper housing facilities for birds, aiming to maintain their welfare through comprehensive care standards.
Animal health and husbandry The regulations also address animal health and husbandry requirements to safeguard the well-being of birds in the pet industry.
Transportation The new rules include guidelines for the transportation of birds, ensuring their safety and comfort during the process.

Law about bird owning and bird types can change, depending on your area. Make sure to find and follow the rules for where you live. This keeps you legal.

bird species regulations

Know and follow the right bird ownership laws and bird species regulations. This way, you’ll have a good and problem-free time with your bird.


Finding the perfect bird friend is a big decision. You should be careful and responsible. Bringing a bird home means committing to their care for a long time. They need the right care, the right place, and lots of love.

You’ve learned about where to find your bird. This includes local stores, good breeders, rescues, and special shops. Think about what’s best for you and the bird. Consider your lifestyle, budget, and the bird’s needs.

Taking care of a bird well is very important. Put your bird’s needs first. Make a safe and fun home for them. Know the laws about owning birds in your area. With these steps, you can start a great friendship with your new bird buddy.


Where can I buy birds near me?

You can find birds at local pet stores, breeders, rescue groups, and bird shops. Make sure you check where you’re getting your bird from to make sure they’re healthy and happy.

What are the pros and cons of buying birds from local pet stores?

Pet stores are easy to visit, but they might not have many birds to choose from. Be sure to look around and check that the birds are well taken care of before you decide to buy one.

How do I find a reputable bird breeder in my area?

Looking online, visiting bird events, and joining local birding groups are great ways to find well-respected breeders. A good breeder should know a lot, be open about how they raise their birds, and care a lot about their health and happiness.

What are the benefits of adopting a bird from a rescue organization?

Rescuing a bird is a kind choice that can bring joy to both you and your new friend. These groups often have a wide variety of birds. By choosing to adopt, you’re giving a bird a loving home and also helping support a great cause.

What should I consider when preparing my home for a new bird?

Make your home safe and fun for your new bird. Secure your space, set it up with good housing, and get necessary items like food, toys, and perches. This way, your bird will feel welcomed and happy.

Are there any legal requirements or regulations I need to be aware of when owning a bird?

Think about where you live and what kind of bird you want. There might be laws you need to follow. It’s smart to look into this to make sure your bird’s home is safe and legal.

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