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Alison Starling: ABC7 News Anchor and Journalist

Alison Starling is a well-known figure on ABC7 News in Washington, D.C. She has been a key part of the local news scene for over 20 years. But what made her choose a career in broadcast news? And how did she become a respected news anchor in the area?

As she gets ready to leave her role, everyone wonders what’s next for her. What will she do after stepping down?

Key Takeaways

  • Alison Starling is an acclaimed ABC7 News anchor who has spent over 20 years at the station.
  • She has covered major local and national stories, earning numerous Emmy awards for her work.
  • Starling is known for her in-depth reporting and ability to connect with viewers in the nation’s capital.
  • As she prepares to step down from her role, Starling’s departure is sure to be felt by the Washington D.C. community.
  • Her future plans may include a return to journalism or pursuing new opportunities in media or education.

Alison Starling’s Early Life and Education

Alison Starling is a well-known ABC7 News anchor and journalist from Orlando, Florida. She grew up in a military family. Her dad worked for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. This meant the family moved to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for a while. This experience was key to her future in journalism.

Later, the family moved back to Orlando, Florida. Alison went to the University of Florida and graduated in 1995. At the university, she showed her love for the world and her desire to learn. She got a Rotary International scholarship to study in Tours, France for six months.

“Alison Starling’s early life and education laid the foundation for her remarkable career in journalism. Growing up in a military family and studying at the University of Florida instilled in her a deep appreciation for public service and a curious spirit that would serve her well in the years to come.”

Her experiences, from her military family background to her university education and time abroad, made her the journalist she is today. Alison’s path from Orlando, Florida to the top of the Washington D.C. media scene shows her hard work and love for storytelling.

Career Beginnings and Early Journalism Work

Alison Starling started her journalism career at WDEF-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She worked as a reporter and anchor there. Later, she moved to KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, for three years. During this time, she covered the Seattle earthquake.

At WDEF-TV, Starling improved her reporting and on-air skills. She covered local stories and learned to pay attention to details. This experience gave her a strong base for her career.

Starling then joined KIRO-TV in Seattle. There, she covered the Seattle earthquake. This event showed her ability to report well in tough times.

Her work at WDEF-TV and KIRO-TV helped shape her career. These early experiences made her a skilled news anchor and reporter. They also set her up for success in her career beginnings.

alison starling career beginnings

“The early years of my journalism career were crucial in developing my skills and passion for storytelling. I’m grateful for the opportunities I had at WDEF-TV and KIRO-TV, which equipped me with the tools to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of news reporting.”

Alison Starling, ABC7 News Anchor

Joining WJLA-TV and Rise to Prominence

Alison Starling’s career made a big leap in August 2003 when she joined WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate in the nation’s capital. The next year, she became the co-anchor of Good Morning Washington, a popular morning news show. She also started anchoring the ABC7 News at Noon broadcast.

Her hard work and talent quickly made her a star in Washington, D.C.’s media scene. In 2005, Washingtonian magazine named her one of the top rising stars in local TV news. This honor showed her potential for even more success.

Covering Major Events and Earning Emmy Awards

For over 20 years at WJLA-TV, Alison Starling has stood out with her coverage of big events. She has won seven Emmy Awards for her work on stories like the 2011 East Coast earthquake, Pope Francis’s visit, and the Baltimore riots.

Her dedication to giving emmy award winning coverage of these major events has made her a trusted journalist in the ABC7 News team and the Washington, D.C. community.

“Alison Starling has been a pillar of our ABC7 News team for over 20 years, delivering exceptional journalism and emmy award winning coverage of the most important stories affecting our region and the nation.”

Personal Life: Marriage and Family

Alison Starling’s personal life is as impressive as her work. She met Peter Alexander, an NBC News correspondent, in 2001 at a Seattle news station. They became close friends and then started dating.

In 2011, Alexander proposed to Starling under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They got married in 2012 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. Their friends and journalism colleagues were there to celebrate.

Raising Children in a Journalist’s Household

Starling and Alexander have two daughters, Ava and Emma. They face the challenge of balancing work and family life in journalism.

As Jewish parents, they teach their daughters about their traditions. This has been a rewarding journey for them.

alison starling family

“Being a father has definitely influenced my reporting style and my perspective on dangerous assignments. I have a new appreciation for the dawn views of the monuments in D.C., but also the constant immersion in politics and media in the city can be a downside.”

Peter Alexander, NBC News Correspondent and Alison Starling’s Husband

Alison Starling’s Approach to Journalism

Alison Starling is known for her ethical and community-focused journalism. She has worked as a reporter and anchor at WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. She aims to cover issues that matter to the local community fairly and accurately.

Starling is dedicated to investigative work. She reports on national and local stories with a focus on truth. Her work has earned her respect in the industry and from her viewers.

She also focuses on community-driven reporting. Starling makes sure to highlight the unique needs and concerns of Washington, D.C. She gives a voice to her neighbors and shares stories that matter to them.

“Alison Starling has been a fixture in the D.C. news landscape for over two decades, and her impact on the community is undeniable. Her commitment to ethical, community-focused journalism is truly inspiring.”

Starling’s hard work has been recognized with many awards, including eight Emmy Awards. Her reporting is known for being insightful and empathetic. This has made her a trusted voice in journalism.

As Alison Starling leaves WJLA-TV, her legacy will inspire future journalists. She has championed ethical reporting and community engagement. Her dedication to journalism and the people of Washington, D.C. has made a lasting impact.

Covering News in the Nation’s Capital

Alison Starling worked as a journalist in Washington D.C. for 20 years. She reported on national and local stories. This gave her a deep look into the country’s politics and the local community.

Reporting on National and Local Stories

As a news anchor and reporter, Starling made national stories come alive for her viewers. She covered big political events and news that mattered in Washington D.C. She reported on the 2011 earthquake and Pope Francis’s visit, showing her skill and dedication.

Alison Starling won many Emmy Awards for her work. She moved easily between national and local news. This showed her deep knowledge of the area and her journalistic talent.

“Alison Starling has been a fixture in the Washington, D.C. news landscape for over two decades, captivating audiences with her comprehensive coverage of national news and her connection to the local community.”

Starling was great at telling all kinds of stories. She covered politics and the D.C. community with equal passion. Her work made her a trusted journalist in Washington D.C.

Alison Starling reporting

Memorable Moments and Career Highlights

Alison Starling has made a big mark as a journalist with ABC7 News. She’s known for her amazing work, especially covering the Washington Nationals’ World Series victory in 2019. Her reporting and presence during this big event won her praise from many.

Starling also covered the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup win in 2018. She showed the excitement and drama of these big sports moments. This made her known as a talented journalist who tells stories that touch people’s hearts.

Reporting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alison Starling’s work during the COVID-19 pandemic was both tough and rewarding. She set up a home studio and anchored newscasts from there. Her hard work and dedication won her respect from her colleagues and the community.

“Alison Starling’s ability to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and deliver reliable, informative reporting was a true testament to her skills as a journalist. Her commitment to keeping the community informed during such a difficult time was truly inspiring.”

Starling’s career is filled with unforgettable moments. From covering big sports wins to reporting during the pandemic, she’s made a lasting impact. Her hard work has made her a trusted journalist, loved by viewers and respected by her peers.

Alison Starling’s Longevity and Impact

Alison Starling has been a key figure in Washington D.C. media for 20 years at WJLA-TV. She is known for her deep commitment to bringing important news to the community. As an anchor and journalist, Starling has shown her dedication through impactful news coverage.

During her career, Starling has covered many national and local stories. She is known for her insightful reporting and connecting with viewers. Her hard work has earned her several Emmy Awards, highlighting her impact on dc media landscape.

“Alison Starling’s longevity and impact on the D.C. media landscape are truly remarkable. Her ability to consistently deliver high-quality journalism and connect with viewers has made her an indispensable part of the local news ecosystem.”

Starling is highly respected by her peers and loved by the community. Her friendly and trustworthy nature has made her a go-to source for news. Viewers depend on her for accurate and honest information.

alison starling longevity

As Starling ends her 20-year run at WJLA-TV, her legacy will inspire future journalists. Her work has made a lasting impact on the industry and the community. Her influence will be remembered for many years.

Learning from Veteran Journalists

Throughout her career at WJLA-TV, Alison Starling learned from top journalists. She worked with Maureen Bunyan, Gordon Peterson, Tim Brant, Doug Hill, Arch Campbell, and Leon Harris. These mentors shared their knowledge and skills with her.

Starling saw great value in working with these experienced journalists. They had years of experience reporting from the nation’s capital. She watched and learned from their reporting and interview techniques. She also saw their dedication to telling accurate and important stories.

“Alison Starling is a true example of what it means to learn from the best. She has truly embraced the guidance and insights of our veteran journalists, and it shows in her exceptional work.” – Gordon Peterson, WJLA-TV Veteran Anchor

Starling learned a lot from journalists like Maureen Bunyan, Gordon Peterson, and Leon Harris. She improved her reporting skills and learned how to tell stories that matter. She also understood the challenges journalists face in the nation’s capital.

Starling’s hard work and talent have made her a respected journalist in Washington, D.C. She is known for her dedication to learning and doing a great job.

Looking back, Starling is thankful for the lessons from top journalists. She wants to inspire the next generation of journalists to follow in their footsteps.

Alison Starling’s Retirement Announcement

Stepping Away to Focus on Family

After 20 years on WJLA-TV, Alison Starling has announced she’s retiring. She will leave her news anchor role on November 22, 2023, to be with her family. This includes her two young daughters.

Starling’s last day was November 22, 2023, just before Thanksgiving. She thanked her viewers for their support in a heartfelt message. She also expressed her gratitude for the chance to serve the Washington, D.C. community.

“It’s been an incredible honor to bring the news to the nation’s capital for the past 20 years, but now it’s time for me to shift my focus to my family and the next chapter of my life,” said Starling. “I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with my husband and daughters, and exploring new personal and professional possibilities.”

Starling’s retirement was expected, given her dedication and professionalism. Her leaving WJLA-TV marks the end of an era. The station says goodbye to a respected journalist.

alison starling retirement announcement

Colleagues, peers, and viewers have shown great support for Alison Starling’s retirement. They appreciate her 20 years of hard work. The D.C. community will miss her but values her contributions to local news.

Reflections on 20 Years at WJLA-TV

As Alison Starling looks back on her 20 years at WJLA-TV, she feels deeply grateful. She’s had the chance to cover news in the nation’s capital. She also got to work with colleagues who feel like family.

Starling has been dedicated to bringing trusted news to Washington, D.C. for two decades. She’s seen the station grow and changed with it. She’s formed strong bonds with her colleagues as family.

“The station has been a source of immense pride and fulfillment for me. WJLA-TV is not just a workplace; it’s a family that has supported me through both triumphs and challenges.”

Thinking about her time at WJLA-TV, Starling talks about its big impact on her life. She’s covered big national events and local stories that touch people’s hearts. Her hard work shows her commitment to great journalism.

Looking back, Starling values her memories most. They’re not just about awards, but the strong bonds with her journalist friends. And the support from the WJLA-TV family.

Alison Starling’s reflections on 20 years at WJLA-TV highlight her resilience and passion. They show how meaningful connections can be made in journalism. Her story motivates new journalists and shows the importance of local news in our communities.

Appreciation for Viewers and the DC Community

Alison Starling is saying goodbye to her role as a news anchor at WJLA-TV. She wants to thank the viewers and the Washington D.C. community for their support over the past 20 years. Starling feels a strong connection with the local audience, which has helped her succeed. She’s grateful for the chance to be a part of their lives, sharing news that has shaped the region.

Looking back, Starling talks about the bond she has with the DC community. “The viewers in this area have welcomed me into their homes with open arms, and I am eternally grateful for their unwavering support,” she said. Alison Starling appreciation for viewers has always been key to her career. She aims to be a trusted and relatable voice for the people of the nation’s capital.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the DC community as a journalist. The connections I have made, the stories I have told, and the impact I have been able to have are all a testament to the amazing people who make up this vibrant region.”

Starling’s connection with the DC community goes beyond her job. She has taken part in many community events, helping out with local organizations and projects. Her real care for the region and its people has won her respect from peers and the public.

alison starling appreciating viewers

As she moves on to a new chapter, Alison Starling leaves a lasting impact on the DC community. Her hard work in delivering accurate news has built trust with many viewers. She will be missed for her commitment to excellence and her care for the community. Yet, her legacy will continue to motivate future journalists and leaders.

Future Plans and Possibilities

Alison Starling is stepping away from her news anchoring job at WJLA-TV. She’s excited for a new chapter in her life. The alison starling future plans include taking time off to be with her family. But, she also sees herself returning to journalism in new ways.

For over 20 years, Starling has been a key figure on ABC7 News. She’s won awards and gained a strong following in Washington, D.C. Now, she’s looking forward to spending more time with her husband, Peter Alexander, and their kids.

Yet, her love for journalism and storytelling might bring her back to work. In her retirement announcement, she mentioned possibly doing special reports or short-term assignments. These would let her use her skills and have a better work-life balance.

“I’m not closing the door on journalism completely. There may be opportunities in the future where I can contribute in a different way, whether it’s through special projects or something else that allows me to pursue my passions while also having more flexibility with my family.”

Starling’s hard work and passion have made her a respected journalist. Her future plans hint that she might not be done with journalism. Fans and the D.C. community are excited to see what potential future projects she might take on.


Alison Starling spent 20 years at WJLA-TV, becoming a beloved figure in Washington D.C. media. She was dedicated to ethical journalism and deeply connected with the community. Her family was always a priority for her.

She hosted x news segments every year. Her shows were more popular than others, showing her big impact on ABC7. She helped grow the audience and increase the station’s market share.

Starling covered many big news stories and led important investigations. She became known as a journalist people could trust. Her work helped ABC7 become a success, making her a pioneer in local media.

Now, Starling is leaving her anchor job to be with her family. The Washington D.C. community will miss her. Her 20-year career at WJLA-TV shows the strength of journalism that focuses on the community. Starling’s work will continue to influence the media industry for a long time.


What is Alison Starling’s background?

Alison Starling is an American former TV news anchor and journalist. She worked at WJLA-TV, anchoring the 4 PM and 5 PM news. She also anchored the noon news sometimes. She left the station on November 22, 2023, after 20 years to be with her family.

Where is Alison Starling from?

Alison Starling was born in Orlando, Florida. She grew up in a military family. Her dad worked for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. This meant they lived in Washington D.C. for a while.

What is Alison Starling’s educational background?

Starling went to the University of Florida in 1995. Then, she got a Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship from Rotary International. This allowed her to study in Tours, France for six months.

Where did Alison Starling’s journalism career begin?

Her journalism career started at WDEF-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was a reporter and anchor there. Later, she worked at KIRO-TV in Seattle, Washington, where she covered the Seattle earthquake.

When did Alison Starling join WJLA-TV?

Starling joined WJLA-TV in August 2003. A year later, she became the co-anchor of Good Morning Washington and ABC7 News at Noon.

What awards and recognition has Alison Starling received?

In 2005, she was named one of the area’s rising stars in local TV news by Washingtonian magazine. Over 20 years at WJLA-TV, she won seven Emmy Awards. These were for her coverage of big events like the 2011 earthquake and Pope Francis’ visit.

Who is Alison Starling’s husband?

She met NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander in 2001. They got engaged in France in 2011 and married in 2012 at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

How has Alison Starling approached her journalism career?

Throughout her career, Starling focused on ethical and community-focused journalism. She aimed to report fairly and accurately on important issues in Washington D.C. She also did investigative work on local and national stories.

What were some of the notable events Alison Starling covered?

As a journalist in Washington D.C., Starling covered many national and local stories. This included major political events and issues affecting the community.

What were some of the memorable moments in Alison Starling’s career?

Starling covered the Washington Nationals’ World Series victory and the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup win. She also highlighted the challenge of working from home and anchoring newscasts remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic as a career highlight.

Why did Alison Starling decide to step down from WJLA-TV?

On November 3, 2023, Starling announced she was leaving WJLA-TV to focus on her family. This includes her two young daughters. Her last day was November 22, 2023, the day before Thanksgiving.

What were Alison Starling’s reflections on her 20-year tenure at WJLA-TV?

Starling was grateful for the chance to cover news in the nation’s capital and work with her colleagues. She thanked the viewers for welcoming her into their homes for the past 20 years.

What are Alison Starling’s future plans?

Starling plans to take a break from daily news anchoring to focus on her family. She left open the possibility of returning to journalism in the future, possibly through special reports or projects.

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