who to call to remove birds from attic

Who to Call to Remove Birds from Attic: Expert Help

Over 100,000 homeowners in the United States needed help with bird infestations. Many of these birds, like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings, caused damage and health issues. Luckily, wildlife control companies offer safe and effective solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional wildlife control companies offer expert solutions for removing birds from attics and other areas of the home.
  • Experienced technicians use specialized techniques and equipment to assess the bird infestation problem, remove the birds, and implement exclusion methods.
  • Different bird species require customized strategies for effective, long-term bird control.
  • Reliable bird removal services prioritize humane treatment and prevention of future bird entry.
  • Homeowners can compare quotes and reviews to find the best bird control service for their needs.

Introduction to Bird Removal Services

Birds sometimes get into homes and buildings, causing trouble. Not all birds are bad, but some like European Starlings, Canada Geese, pigeons, House Sparrows, and crows can be bothersome. They make noise, create a mess with their droppings, and can hurt buildings or houses.

Common Bird Species That Become Nuisances

Getting professional help to remove these birds is important. Experts use nets, traps, deterrents, and bird spikes to get rid of them safely and keep them from coming back. This helps protect houses and businesses from bird problems.

  • European Starlings are smart and can cause damage in Ohio.
  • Canada Geese are a problem in cities because they make a mess.
  • Pigeons cause sanitation and structure issues in Ohio towns.
  • House Sparrows enter small openings easily and are a nuisance.
  • Crows compete with local birds and damage wooden structures.

Working with bird removal experts can solve bird problems at home or work. It keeps properties safe and looking good without any unwanted bird guests.

Assessing the Bird Infestation Problem

The first step to fix a bird issue is getting a pro to look at the problem. These pros know a lot about birds. They can figure out what bird is causing trouble and how bad the problem is. Their inspection helps them make a plan to get rid of the birds and keep them from coming back.

The expert checks your place carefully. They look at where the birds are getting in, where they’re living, and what they’re doing. This lets them figure out which birds are causing trouble. Then, they can suggest the best way to fix the problem by treating it directly. They know a lot about how birds act and the laws about dealing with them.

Common Nuisance Bird Species Identifying Characteristics Typical Nesting Locations
Pigeons Large, stocky birds with iridescent feathers Ledges, gutters, vents, attics
Sparrows Small, brown birds with distinctive head markings Eaves, vents, attics
Starlings Glossy black birds with a metallic sheen Cavities, vents, attics
Chimney Swifts Small, dark-colored birds with crescent-shaped wings Chimneys, attics

The pro also looks at how bad the bird issue is, what damage they’ve done, and if there are any health risks. They make a plan that’s right for your problem. This plan is made just for you. It makes sure the birds go away safely without causing more problems.

Hiring a pro to check your bird problem is a smart move. Their skills in handling bird trouble and knowing how to keep them away are key. They’re the best people to find a way that works to fix your bird problem for good.

Bird Pest Control

“Proper assessment and identification of the bird species is crucial for developing an effective and humane removal plan.”

Humane Bird Removal and Control Methods

Dealing with unwanted birds at home is important. It’s key to use methods that are kind. Wildlife control experts can remove birds safely sans harm. They often use nets, costing about $20, for a quick and gentle approach.

Birds like European starlings, pigeons, and sparrows love to nest in homes. Their droppings are not just messy, but they can be dangerous. European starlings, for instance, carry diseases. This makes it crucial to deal with them safely yet effectively.

Experts use various tactics like deterrents and changes to the bird’s environment. These methods don’t harm the birds but make living in your home less inviting for them.

Humane Deterrents and Exclusion Techniques

  • Bird spikes: These stop birds from perching or nesting on buildings.
  • Reflective and ultrasonic devices: They ward off birds with lights or sounds they dislike.
  • Exclusion netting: Nets are placed to block off nesting areas.
  • Habitat modification: Making the area less bird-friendly by covering up openings.

If birds are already inside, experts may need to carefully trap and relocate them. This is done to minimize harm to the birds and the environment.

A part of full service includes cleaning up after the birds and checking if any timed access points need fixing. This ensures birds won’t return, dealing with the deeper problem.

Working with certified professionals means removing birds the right way. They take care to not hurt the birds or the habitat. This not only fixes your current bird issue but helps avoid future ones, too.

Cleaning and Sanitizing After Bird Removal

When the birds are gone, our work is not over. It’s very important to clean the area well. Bird droppings and nests can carry diseases. It’s risky for people living nearby if we don’t clean up properly.

Cleaning teams use special tools and cleaning products to make the place safe again. They make sure to remove all signs of the birds, like their waste and feathers. This stops sickness from spreading. They cover everything, from making sure there’s disease prevention to a deep sanitization process.

Here are some key steps in the cleaning process:

  • Thorough removal of all bird nesting materials, droppings, and feathers
  • Disinfection of surfaces using EPA-approved sanitizing solutions
  • Vacuuming and HEPA filtration to capture microscopic particles and prevent the spread of airborne contaminants
  • Bird waste cleanup to eliminate potential sources of disease
  • Proper disposal of all waste materials in accordance with local regulations
  • Deodorizing and air purification to eliminate lingering odors and improve indoor air quality

Letting professionals handle this important job gives home and business owners peace of mind. They ensure the area is clean, safe, and free of birds. This step is key to keeping everyone healthy.

bird waste cleanup

Common Bird-Related Diseases Symptoms Transmission
Histoplasmosis Flu-like symptoms, fever, chest pains, cough Inhalation of fungal spores from bird droppings
Salmonellosis Diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps Ingestion of contaminated food or water
Cryptococcosis Pneumonia, meningitis Inhalation of fungal spores from bird droppings
Ectoparasites Skin irritation, rashes, itching Direct contact with bird nests or droppings

After bird removal, it’s crucial to focus on sanitization and decontamination. This protects against health risks like disease. It makes the environment safe and healthy again for everyone.

Commercial Bird Control Solutions

Comprehensive Bird Management for Businesses

Commercial spaces often struggle with bird problems. Birds bring health risks, compliance issues, and damage. It’s key for businesses to use expert services for commercial bird control and create detailed bird management plans.

These plans involve more than just removing birds. They focus on several steps like humane removal, excluding them, and continuous checks. This approach stops birds from getting in, closes off their entries, and keeps the area bird-free. This protects the business’s name, its money, and the safety of everyone there.

  1. Inspection and assessment of the bird infestation problem
  2. Humane bird removal and relocation
  3. Installation of bird proofing measures such as netting, spikes, and electric deterrents
  4. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure long-term bird management
  5. Compliance with local health/safety regulations and laws

By working with pros in commercial bird control, businesses can protect themselves. They can lower risks and keep their space safe and clean for everyone. These detailed bird management plans are crucial for effectively dealing with bird issues in the long run.

“The cost of bird removal services varies depending on the species and behaviors of the birds, but the investment is well worth it to protect our business and ensure the safety of our employees and customers.”

Through focusing on humane ways, modern methods, and regular checking, commercial bird control experts help. They ensure businesses have a healthy, bird-free place. They also make sure the business follows all relevant health/safety regulations. Working with these professionals, businesses can keep their workplace safe, maintain their image, and offer a welcoming space.

Bird Proofing and Exclusion Techniques

It’s crucial to stop bird infestations before they start. Professional wildlife control companies use several techniques to keep homes and businesses safe. They work by closing entry points, changing the living space, and discouraging birds from making nests.

First, they seal up any gaps and holes. They use things like hardware cloth, caulk, and expanding foam to cover openings. For places like roofs, vents, and chimneys, which birds often use to get inside, they put up caps and mesh covers.

They also change the environment to make it less bird-friendly. This means getting rid of easy food, cutting back on plants birds love to nest in, and putting nets around fruit trees. Besides this, they might use shiny objects or fake predators to scare the birds away.

When it comes to big areas like commercial properties, they might need more serious solutions. For these, they could use bird spikes or nets to keep birds from certain spots. And they always check that their work is holding up by inspecting regularly and making sure no new access points for birds have appeared.

These strategies together really work. They help homeowners and business owners avoid the trouble of bird infestations. And most importantly, they keep our living and working space safe from unwanted pests.

bird-proof home

Bird Proofing Technique Description
Sealing Entry Points Using materials like hardware cloth, caulk, and expanding foam to block access points such as holes in the roof, vents, and gaps around chimneys.
Installing Mesh Covers and Caps Placing mesh covers or caps on vents and chimneys to deny birds entry.
Habitat Modification Removing food sources, trimming vegetation, and netting fruit trees to make the property less attractive to birds.
Visual Deterrents Using reflective objects or predator decoys to discourage birds from roosting or nesting.
Commercial Bird Control Solutions Techniques like installing bird spikes on ledges and using netting to restrict access to specific areas in larger commercial properties.

By implementing these comprehensive bird proofing and exclusion techniques, homeowners and business owners can effectively prevent future bird infestations and maintain a safe, pest-free environment.

who to call to remove birds from attic

For bird issues in the attic, hiring pros is key. Look for experts with experience and proper equipment. Companies listed on Angi are a good start. They know how to get rid of birds safely and for good.

Some bird types that may move into your attic are pigeons, swallows, and starlings. They like the warmth and food your home provides. The best way to get them out is by stopping them from coming back.

Identifying Qualified Bird Removal Professionals

Make sure the bird removal company you choose is up to the job. They should:

  • Industry Certifications: Reputable experts have certifications from groups like NWCOA or NPMA. It shows they know what they’re doing.
  • Customer Reviews: Reading reviews on Angi, Yelp, or Google can give you a sense of their work. It helps check their reputation and success rate.
  • Comprehensive Services: Good companies provide all the needed services. This includes checking, removing birds without harm, and making sure they don’t come back.

Companies like Bridgeport Bird Control and AviAway do the job the right way. They focus on not just removing birds but also on making sure they stay away. They offer services like checking your property, setting up barriers, and cleaning up after.

Company Services Offered Certifications Customer Reviews
Bridgeport Bird Control Bird exclusion, attic cleanup, deterrent installation NWCOA, NPMA 4.9/5 stars on Angi
AviAway Bird removal, nest removal, prevention measures NWCOA, NPMA 4.8/5 stars on Google

Choosing the right experts means ending your bird problem safely and for good.

“We pride ourselves on not using ineffective methods like poisons or fake plastic figures for bird removal. Our focus is on humane, permanent solutions that prevent future infestations.”

– Bridgeport Bird Control

Repair and Restoration After Bird Infestations

Dealing with a bird infestation aftermath in your attic or elsewhere needs thorough cleanup. This includes bird damage repair and attic restoration services. Professional wildlife control companies not only remove the pesky birds but also fix the structural and cleanliness issues they cause.

The first stage of restoration involves fixing any damage caused during the birds’ stay. This could be holes, cracks, or damage to the roof, walls, or insulation. Restoring these helps make the building safe and whole again.

Next, the experts clean and sanitize the area completely. They get rid of bird waste and nests. This step is critical for a healthy home, as bird droppings may contain harmful bacteria.

  1. Assess and repair structural damage, such as holes, cracks, or damage to the roof, walls, or insulation.
  2. Clean and sanitize the affected areas, removing all traces of bird waste and nesting materials.
  3. Address any health and safety concerns, such as the presence of parasites or disease-causing organisms.
  4. Deodorize the space to eliminate lingering bird-related odors.
  5. Restore the affected areas to their original condition, ensuring the property is livable and free of any bird-related issues.

bird damage repair

Professionals take a detailed approach to repairing bird damage and restoring attics. Their work ensures the property is safe and free from ongoing bird-related issues.

Preventing Future Bird Entry

It’s key to keep birds out of your home. Wildlife experts use long-term tactics to stop birds from coming back.

They seal off places where birds can get in. Special services use strong materials like mesh and sealants.

They also make your place less interesting for birds. This might mean hanging shiny scares or using devices that make high-pitched noises.

Regular checks are vital too. Experts look for new ways birds could get in. They fix any problems early.

Use a mix of bird-proofing, prevention techniques, and regular checks. This way, you can be sure your home is safe from birds.

“The key to preventing future bird entry is to think like a bird and identify all potential access points, then seal them off with durable materials that can withstand the bird’s persistent efforts.”

Thanks to this, your home can truly be a place without birds. It’s about keeping up with bird-proofing over time.

Choosing the Right Bird Removal Service

Dealing with birds in your space requires a good bird removal company. They should know what they’re doing and care about the birds. Finding the right one can solve the problem and stop it from happening again.

Evaluating Reputation, Experience, and Customer Reviews

Important steps to pick the best bird removal service include checking their reputation and customer happiness. Look at what others have said about them online. A good record with happy customers shows they know their stuff and do good work.

It also helps to see if they are certified and belong to professional groups. This shows they follow the right ways to remove birds and care for them.

  • Check that they know how to handle and remove different bird types.
  • Make sure they use safe and earth-friendly ways to get rid of birds.
  • Ask about how quickly they can come for urgent bird removal needs.

By checking all these points, you can trust the bird removal company you pick. You’ll know they are skilled and dedicated to satisfying customers. They will solve your bird issues the right way.

“Working with a qualified, trustworthy wildlife control company ensures the bird problem is resolved efficiently and effectively, with the safety and well-being of the birds, homeowners, and property in mind.”

bird removal service

Health and Safety Concerns with Bird Infestations

Bird infestations bring major health and safety risks. Bird droppings and nests can carry bird-borne diseases and parasites. This exposure may cause breathing problems, itchy skin, and illnesses. Wildlife control experts ensure the home is safe by cleaning and disinfecting properly.

Over 60% of bird infestations are found in attics. Dealing with them there is hard because of the small space and airborne bird waste hazards. Removing birds from attics professionally costs between $500 and $1,500. That shows how crucial it is to act fast.

Health troubles from bird infestations can vary. They might include a breathing condition (histoplasmosis), stomach sicknesses like salmonellosis, and more bacterial infections. In commercial places, bird-related accidents are a common safety concern. Up to 15% of such accidents are because of birds.

Bird infestations are not just health hazards. They can also cost a lot and lead to legal problems. Insurance deals with many claims related to birds yearly. For businesses, ignoring the air quality issues from bird waste can lead to lawsuits.

Removing birds before the problem gets worse is smart. More than 70% of people prefer preventive bird services over dealing with an infestation. Yet, success in bird removal varies. This is why it’s key to work with skilled wildlife control experts.

Minimizing Health Risks from Bird Infestations

  • React quickly to bird signs in the attic or elsewhere.
  • Don’t touch bird droppings or nests to avoid sickness.
  • Use good ventilation and air filters to keep the air clean.
  • Get advice from a wildlife control expert for a safe bird removal plan.

“Neglecting bird infestations can have serious consequences for both the health and safety of a property’s occupants. Prompt and proper removal by qualified professionals is essential to mitigate these risks.”

Dealing with bird infestations protects properties and people. By tackling these issues, homeowners and businesses safeguard their space and everyone in it against bird-related dangers.

Legal Considerations for Bird Removal

Removing birds from homes or businesses requires knowledge of wildlife laws. Bird removal falls under federal, state, and local rules, especially for protected species. Violating these laws can lead to large fines and legal actions.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 is critical for bird conservation in North America. It makes destroying active bird nests illegal without the right permits. Breaking this law can mean facing fines or even going to jail.

Some states, like Wisconsin and Indiana, might let you remove certain bird nests without a permit. However, places such as Illinois have strict rules for birds like Canada geese. It’s vital to get the proper permits for legal and ethical bird removal.

Regulation Requirement Penalty
Migratory Bird Treaty Act Permits required to remove active nests Fines and imprisonment
Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Permits required for nest destruction, even when unoccupied Fines and imprisonment
Wildlife and Countryside Act (UK) Intentional destruction of active nests prohibited Legal consequences

Working with knowledgeable wildlife control professionals is key to ensure you follow laws. They know the rules and help you get the needed permits. This way, bird removal can be done right and helps protect the environment.

protected bird species

Besides federal and state laws, local areas may have their bird management rules. Getting advice from experts can help. They guide both homeowners and business owners to avoid problems when dealing with birds.


Dealing with a bird infestation can be hard. But, getting help from wildlife control pros is the right move. They know how to deal with birds safely, clean up well, and keep them away long-term. Choosing a good professional bird removal service means peace of mind for homeowners and business owners.

Birds can cause many problems, from damaging roofs to health hazards. It’s important to act early by keeping your roof and building closed off. Or, by using things that scare birds away. But, when troubles start, wildlife experts are your best bet. They can fix things without hurting the birds.

An all-around plan for bird management is key to keeping your space safe. With good professional bird removal and steps to stop them from coming back, you can solve any bird issue. This way, your place stays safe, worry-free, and bird-free for the long haul.


Who should I call to remove birds from my attic?

Top bird removal services recommend contacting companies like Savior Termite & Pest Control. Also, reach out to Chimney & Wildlife Specialists and 911 Wildlife. They provide the best solutions for safely and humanely removing birds from your attic.

What types of birds can become a nuisance in homes and buildings?

Birds such as European Starlings, Canada Geese, pigeons, House Sparrows, and crows can become a problem. They gather in large numbers and are noisy. They also make a mess with their droppings, compete with other birds, and damage buildings.

How do professional bird removal services assess the bird infestation problem?

Professional wildlife inspectors are the first to act. They find out the type of bird involved. They check the infected areas and gauge the problem’s size. This helps them make a special plan for removing and controlling these birds.

What methods do professional wildlife control companies use for humane bird removal?

Companies focused on humane methods avoid hurting the birds. They might trap and release birds in a safe place. They also use scare tactics and change the area to make it less inviting for birds. Sometimes, exclusion techniques are used as well.

How do they clean and sanitize the affected areas after bird removal?

After bird removal, cleaning and sanitizing are crucial. Bird droppings and nests can carry diseases. Expert cleaners use special tools and cleaning products to make these spaces safe again.

How do professional bird control services handle commercial properties?

Dealing with birds at businesses is a big challenge. They can be a threat to health, legal compliance, and facility damage. Professionals craft detailed management plans, including bird removal and ongoing checks, specifically for commercial spaces.

What bird proofing and exclusion techniques do professionals use?

Experts use many strategies to keep birds away. These include sealing openings, using mesh, adding spikes to prevent roosting, and placing some scaring objects. They might also suggest making changes to the habitat to discourage birds.

How can I identify a qualified and reputable bird removal service?

To find the right bird removal service, look for one with a history of success and humane practices. Reading reviews, checking for certifications, and making sure they know how to deal with bird issues will guide you to the best choice.

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