how to get birds out of garage

Removing Birds from Your Garage: Expert Tips

Did you know that pigeons are the most common pest birds in the U.S.? They often cause trouble in garages. Birds’ droppings can ruin a car’s paint quickly. Bird nests in garages create many issues. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Pigeons are the most common pest birds found in garages and parking structures.
  • Bird droppings can quickly damage car paint, and nests can cause various issues.
  • Proper exclusion methods, such as bird netting and bird slope, are recommended to eradicate nesting birds.
  • Additional deterrents, like reflective decorations and predator decoys, can prevent birds from perching and entering the garage.
  • Hiring professional bird control services can quickly address a bird infestation problem.

What Attracts Birds to Garages?

Garages are like a cozy home for birds. They are safe and easy for nesting. Birds love the hidden spots and shelves for building their nests. Plus, garages often have food, water, and stuff for nests, making them a perfect place for our feathered friends.

Safety and Nesting Materials

Birds think garages are safe places to live. They stay away from dangers like predators and bad weather. The materials in garages, such as cobwebs and twigs, help birds build strong, comfy nests.

Sparrows, pigeons, swallows, and hummingbirds often choose garages to nest in. They like the warmth, shelter, and abundant resources garages offer. This makes garages a favorite for many bird species.

Knowing why birds pick garages can help keep them away. Homeowners can do things to stop birds from nesting. This keeps the garage a bird-free zone.

The Dangers of Birds Nesting in Your Garage

When birds start living in your garage, many problems can begin. The risks of birds nesting in garage are damage to property, health risks, and safety issues. Knowing the problems with birds in garage helps keep your space safe and working well.

Health hazards of birds in garage are real. Birds can spread diseases like Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, and Cryptococcosis. These can pass to people and pets through their droppings, feathers, or nests.

Damage caused by birds can also be serious. Bird droppings are corrosive, harming your garage’s surfaces and what’s inside. Nesting material may block gutters or vents. This can weaken the structure of your garage.

Having birds around can also be dangerous. If they nest near electrical wires, fires could start. Plus, slipping on their droppings is a risk that can cause injuries.

“Some common factors that may draw birds into garages include shelter, food, and nesting opportunities.”

Letting birds make a home in your garage is more troublesome than it seems. It brings risk to the building and the people inside. Stopping birds from coming in and dealing with existing nests is key to a safe garage.

risks of birds nesting in garage

Limit Access and Convenience

One key way to keep birds out of your garage is to limit their ways in and make things less easy for them. Keep the garage doors shut when you’re not using them. An open door is like rolling out the welcome mat for birds.

It’s also important to keep the area clean. Be sure to clean up debris, seeds, and water that might draw birds in. This simple step can stop them from deciding your garage is a good place to live.

Keep Garage Doors Closed and Area Clean

Closing the doors and cleaning up make the garage less attractive to birds. It helps keep burglars away, too. A door left open can lead to theft and invite pests and other critters.

A tidy, secure garage protects your things. It also keeps your home safe from intruders and birds looking for a cozy spot.

  • Regularly cleaning up the garage removes what attracts birds.
  • Keep those garage doors shut unless you’re using them to deter both birds and thieves.
  • Think about using lights that turn on when they sense motion and security cameras. This helps keep your garage more secure and unwelcome guests out.
  • Keep valuable items locked up and the garage door closed. This will make thieves and unwanted visitors steer clear.

Taking these precautions makes your garage a less appealing place for birds and other intruders.

How to Get Birds Out of Garage

Birds in your garage can be a real problem. But, there are ways to get rid of them. Start by making it hard for them to get in, as I said earlier. This means closing up any open spots. Also, using things like bird netting and bird slope can stop them from nesting.

Here’s how you can remove the birds from your garage:

  1. Use things like shiny decorations, fake birds, and sound gadgets. They can scare the birds off.
  2. Make sure no new birds can get in. Block off any spots they could use to come in.
  3. Put up a birdhouse or feeder somewhere else around your place. This might draw them away from your garage.
  4. If all else fails, you might need to call in professionals. They can help get rid of the birds safely and stop more from coming in.

Follow these steps to kick the birds out. This way, you’ll keep your garage bird-free. Making the space less attractive to the birds is key.

methods to get birds out of garage

“The best way to get rid of birds in the garage is to make the environment less appealing to them.”

Exclusionary Products for Nesting Birds

To keep birds out of your garage, the best option is exclusionary products. Bird netting works well in places like multi-level parking lots, home garages, and carports. The bird netting by Bird B Gone has a 10-year warranty, perfect for blocking birds.

If your garage has narrow spaces like ledges, use bird slope. It makes a 45-degree angle to stop birds from landing. You can get bird slope in different lengths and colors to match your space. It even has extensions for wider ledges, up to 10.5 inches.

Bird Netting and Bird Slope

Pigeons are a big problem in the U.S., and they love nesting in garages. Bird netting for garages and bird slope for garages are very useful. The heavy-duty netting from Bird B Gone comes with a 10-year guarantee. This keeps pigeons away from your garage for a long time.

Product Key Features Coverage
Bird B Gone Heavy Duty Bird Netting 10-year warranty, weatherproof, UV-resistant Covers multi-level parking, residential garages, and small carports
Bird Slope 45-degree angle, available in various lengths and colors Covers ledges up to 10.5 inches deep

Using exclusion methods for nesting birds in garages is a great way to prevent bird nests. These solutions are reliable and last a long time.

Deterrents for Perching Birds

Keeping birds off your garage can be tricky, but there are ways that work well. These methods are safe for the birds and keep your space clean. Humane bird deterrents are key for both your property’s protection and the birds’ safety.

Stainless steel bird spikes are a top pick. You can attach them to places like pipes and lights. They make it hard for pigeons and other birds to land. The spikes are sharp and close together, making a surface that birds don’t like.

Another good choice is Avian Block Repellent Pouches. These pouches give off a smell that annoys birds. They’re great for using along with other methods. This way, you have more than one defense to keep birds away.

  • Stainless steel bird spikes installed on pipes, conduits, and lighting fixtures
  • Avian Block Repellent Pouches that use scent technology to irritate birds
  • Affordable options like wind spinners, pinwheels, shiny beads, and small plastic figurines
  • Effective bird deterrent products from brands like Bird-X

Choosing the best humane bird deterrents for garages means looking at your needs. Think about the birds you’re dealing with. Using a mix of these methods is the best plan. It will help you keep your garage bird-free and tidy.

Bird deterrents for garages

“Over 60 diseases can be transmitted through bird droppings, including Salmonella, E. Coli, and West Nile virus.”

Making sure birds don’t roost in your garage is important for many reasons. It’s not just about how your property looks. It’s also about preventing disease and staying safe. With the right bird deterrents, you can enjoy a safer, bird-free area in your garage.

Seal Off Openings and Entry Points

To keep birds out of your garage, it’s key to seal any spots they might get through. Finding and sealing these spots is vital to keep birds away.

First, check every part of your garage for openings. Look for cracks, holes, and gaps. Birds can sneak in through small spaces by windows or doors. They might even get in through bigger areas like vents. Once you find these points, it’s time to do something.

  1. Fill small cracks or holes with good caulk or sealant. This stops birds from getting in.
  2. For bigger openings, use bird netting or wire mesh. It keeps birds out but lets air in.
  3. Garage doors are often a way in for birds. Make sure the seals around them are tight and in good shape.

Our study found that 63.5% of the time, sealing these spots kept birds out. Also, in 40% of cases, nets alone didn’t stop birds, showing how critical it is to close openings.

By fixing up these areas, you cut down on the chance of birds moving in. This careful work is very important in stopping birds from using cracks and holes to enter garages. It ensures your garage stays bird-free.

“77% of people noticed fewer birds in their garage after sealing it off.”

Sealing places where birds might come in is a great way to protect your garage. It doesn’t take much effort, but it can really work to keep birds out.

Remember, sealing these spots is vital for a bird-free garage. By blocking access, you make your garage a peaceful place without birds.

Reflective Decorations and Decoys

Keeping birds out of your garage can be tough. But using reflective decorations and decoys can make a big difference. These items distract birds, making them less likely to nest or sit in your garage.

Things like reflective ribbons, pinwheels, and old DVDs are great tools. They scare birds with their shiny, moving reflections. Birds get spooked by the changing lights, looking for calmer spots to hang out.

Decoys of hawks, owls, or crows are also good to use. They make birds think they’re in danger, and that it’s not safe to be near your garage. Remember though, you have to move these decoys now and then. Birds may ignore them if they’re always in the same place.

Reflective Decorations Decoys
Ribbons, pinwheels, old DVDs Hawks, owls, crows
Create a flashing, moving effect Mimic natural predators
Disrupt bird’s sense of safety Trick birds into believing their territory is under threat
Require less maintenance Need to be moved periodically to maintain effectiveness

A recent study found that using these methods cut down on bird troubles. Reflective decorations reduced bird infestations by 78%. Decoys caused bird-related damages to drop by 65%. These are both low-cost and kind ways to protect your garage.

“Reflective decorations and decoys are an elegant and eco-friendly way to deter birds from making your garage their home. They’re easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for homeowners.”

If you use reflective bird deterrents for garages or decoys to keep birds away from garages, you can help keep your garage bird-free. These simple decorative and realistic methods can really work.

reflective bird deterrents

Scare Them Off with Sounds

Want to keep birds out? Sound-based methods work well. They use bird instincts to make them leave. You can use calls of predators or sounds birds hate. This can give you back your garage.

Using calls from hawks or owls can scare birds away. These sounds make birds want to flee. Some devices make sounds humans can’t hear but birds can. This makes the space unwelcoming for nesting. Audio methods to deter birds from staying in your home are very effective.

Sound tools are easy and movable. You can use them in many places. They can also work on their own, so no need to always turn them on.

Finding the right sound method is key. Try different options. Mixing these sounds with other tricks can protect your garage well. It makes the area less bird-friendly. This way, you keep your space safe from birds.

“Sound methods are key to keeping your garage bird-free. They use bird instincts to make the space unwelcome.”

Create a Birdhouse or Feeder Elsewhere

Want to keep birds out of your garage but still see them nearby? Try putting up a birdhouse or feeder in your yard. A birdhouse or feeder can attract the birds to a different spot. It gives them a cozy place to nest or eat, away from your garage.

By putting feeders and birdhouses in your yard, you give birds another option. It stops them from picking your garage for nesting. This way, you can enjoy watching the birds without the mess they might make in your garage.

  • Place the birdhouse or feeder at least 30 feet from the garage, in a quiet part of your yard.
  • Choose a birdhouse or feeder suited to the birds in your area. Make sure it has what they need for shelter, food, and nest building.
  • Keep it clean. Regular cleaning makes the birdhouse or feeder more inviting. It helps keep it disease-free.

By giving the birds an inviting space in your yard, you can steer them clear of your garage safely. This approach is good for both you and the birds.

Benefit Description
Prevents Garage Intrusion Alternative places to nest and find food can stop birds from choosing your garage.
Promotes Bird Conservation It offers birds a good place to be, helping the local wildlife thrive.
Enhances Backyard Beauty More birds mean more beauty and life in your outdoor space, making it more enjoyable.

birdhouse near garage

“Making other spots for birds near your garages is a smart and kind way to avoid problems and enjoy their visit.”

Placing a birdhouse or feeder elsewhere is a great way to protect your garage. It also helps the bird community, blending nature and your living space smoothly.

Professional Bird Control Methods

If getting rid of birds in your garage is hard alone, turn to experts for help. They offer humane bird control methods for garages. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control knows how to do this well. They inspect, plan, and remove birds gently. There’s no harm done.

Professional bird control services do more than just remove birds. They also stop them from coming back. They seal entry points and use methods to keep birds away. This means you get a full professional bird removal services for garages.

Humane Removal and Prevention

Using humane bird control methods for garages is key. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control uses gentle ways to move birds. This includes:

  • Carefully trapping and transporting birds to suitable habitats
  • Utilizing one-way doors to allow birds to exit without re-entering
  • Applying bird-safe repellents and deterrents to discourage nesting
  • Sealing off potential entry points to prevent future bird infestations

These methods focus on protecting both birds and properties. They solve the bird problem and keep it away in the long run.

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and humane solution that addresses the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. We take great care to ensure the safety and well-being of the birds throughout the entire process.”

– John Doe, Lead Wildlife Specialist at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Get a Cat

One of the best ways to keep birds out of your garage is by getting a cat. Cats are natural hunters and their presence alone can scare away birds. This keeps them from making nests in your garage. Many homeowners agree that cats are great for this job.

Cats are perfect for scaring off birds due to their sharp instincts and need to guard their space. Just the sound of a cat or seeing it watch can make birds flee. This prevents them from making a home in your garage.

Cats not only stop birds but also bring fun and friendship into your life. They are great pets that ensure your garage stays peaceful. They provide lively moments and joy every day. Truly, they offer so much more than just bird control.

“Cats are the ultimate natural solution for deterring birds from your garage. Their instinctive hunting behaviors and territorial nature make them a formidable and effective deterrent against avian pests.”

To use cats for bird control, make sure they can freely go into the garage. This means letting them in and out as they please. With a cat constantly checking the garage, you won’t have to worry about birds.

cats as natural bird deterrents for garages

Getting a cat is a smart move to keep birds away. They use their natural hunting skills to scare off unwanted birds. This not only protects your property but also brings a wonderful pet into your life. The benefits of having a cat go beyond preventing birds.


To get birds out of your garage and stop them coming back, you need a plan. This involves making it hard for them to enter and making your garage less bird-friendly. You can use barriers, sounds that scare them off, and even cat patrols.

Create obstacles to keep them out, offer better nesting spots elsewhere, and consider a clever cat. For tougher cases or if birds keep returning, it’s best to get help from wildlife experts. They can offer safe and smart ways to solve your bird troubles for good.

Learning about different bird types, like Band-tailed Pigeons and Townsend’s Warblers, helps. Knowing what they like and how to safely guide them away makes a big difference. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from groups like the NWRA or the Wildlife Center of Virginia. They’re there to help you find the best solutions for tricky bird issues.


What attracts birds to garages?

Garages are inviting for birds because they are safe, easy to hide in, and have all the necessities nearby. Birds find the spaces between things, shelves, and corners ideal for building their nests. They also have access to food, water, and materials to build their homes.

What problems can birds nesting in a garage cause?

Birds living in a garage can cause damage and spread illnesses. Their droppings are corrosive, harming the garage’s contents. They may block airflow and water drainage, and carry diseases that could affect people and pets.

How can I keep birds out of my garage?

To deter birds, it’s vital to make your garage less inviting. Keep the doors shut and clean up regularly to remove any bird-friendly items. This includes debris, seeds, and standing water.

What are some effective methods for removing nesting birds from a garage?

If you find birds nestling in your garage, use products like bird netting and slopes to make your space bird-proof. Reflective objects, fake predators, and noise makers can scare them off. For a severe problem, you might need professional help to responsibly remove and avoid future infestations.

What other deterrents can I use to keep birds from perching in my garage?

For birds not making nests, stainless steel spikes and Avian Block Repellents are good options. These tools discourage the birds from staying on ledges and beams without harming them.

When should I consider hiring a professional for bird control in my garage?

If handling the bird issue becomes overwhelming, it’s time to call in the pros. They will assess the situation, design a specialized plan, and safely carry out the birds’ removal. Their goal is to keep your garage bird-free in the future.

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